Japan Brand Export

Japan Brand Export

Introducing Japanese high quality and safe products to the world

Introducing Japanese high quality and safe products to the world

Made in Japan products are famous for their high quality, safe, hygiene, and long lasting durability. We focus on Japan Brand Products that satisfy the above condition and still not introduced to the world. We collaborate closely with Japanese manufacturer in not just Tokyo but local cities across Japan, and provide flexible solution to customize each product for overseas market.

Focusing on East Asia and Middle East


GREEN8’s international trading service focusses on exports to East Asia and Middle East. With the presence of our group companies in Thailand and Myanmar, we not only focus on markets such as Thailand and Singapore but economies with high growth potential such as Iran, Persian Gulf countries, Turkey, and Bangladesh. Together with our local partners in the region, we are committed in introducing Japan Brand Products to this region.

Export promotion of biopharmaceutical and medical device


Following our expertise in bio medical international logistics, as well as Japan domestic shipment of temperature controlled biological specimen, GREEN8 follows the trends and evolution of medical technology along with advancement in biotechnology which drives biopharmaceutical innovation. Our export promotion of Japanese biopharmaceutical and medical devices, including general use medical devices and OTC pharma products assist in improving overall medical quality globally and reinforce breaking medical disparity among countries.

International trading agency service


GREEN8 provides international trading agency service. Our bilingual staff are experienced and well trained in handling international trade operation. For each project an individual GREEN8 officer or team is assigned in which they are responsible for tasks such as negotiation with the manufacturer, buyer, as well as trouble shooting for the collection of receivables. Some of our previous trading agency services are listed below.

【Trading Agency Services】

・ Market research
・ Developing new trade route
・ Negotiation and meeting with buyers
・ Research on import clearance laws and regulations
・ Obtaining required Import license and permit
・ Arranging for shipping documents
・ Suggestion of best transportation route and method
・ Collection of receivables

Current Product Range

Medical Devices/Medical Imaging Devices

Ultrasound Blood Pressure Monitor・ Electrocardiograph X-ray Film

Biopharmaceuticals/ Quasi-Drugs

Eye drops Coolant Gel Sheet OTC lozenge
Digestive medicine Cough syrup Laxative

Health/Beauty/ Hygienic products

Collagen drink Catechin drink Pediatric supplement
Supplements and revitalizer Skincare cosmetic Wet tissue

Food / Beverages

Peach Green Tea Macha products Udon noodle
Japanese La Franc Pear Strawberry Japanese Craft Beer
Apple Soba buckwheat noodle Fresh juices
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